MIM – Metal Injection Molding

MIM - Metal Injection Molding

Take the advantages and possibilities of plastic injection molding and apply them when designing a complex steel part.


  • Medium and high production volumes
  • Typical part weights from under 1 gram up to 40 grams
  • Stainless steels, heat resistant and low alloy steels
  • 95-98 % of the theoretical density
  • Good surface finish
  • Tolerances typically +/- 0,3-0,5%

The process in short

  1. Injection molding – A special polymer and metal blended feedstock is injection molded and we get a so called green part.
  2. De-binding – The green part still contains polymer binders that need to be removed. This is done in the second step, in a de-binding furnace. Now we have a so called brown part.
  3. Sintering – The last step is the sintering process of the brown parts. The sintered parts are ready for optional after treatments such as polishing, machining or coating before sent to our customers.